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Pollinators Love Asters

Eco-friendly perennial planting with natives.

Grow a lush, vibrant, green lawn that is good for you and the environment without the use of harmful chemicals with our safe and effective Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Program. Our non-toxic, scientifically formulated organic-based and organic fertilizers, bio-stimulants and soil amendments foster a robust soil eco-system resulting in vigorous, resilient lawns without the health and environmental risks of conventional lawn care. Transitioning a conventionally fertilized lawn, especially on sites damaged by new construction, does take commitment and a little patience, but with time you are rewarded with a beautiful, chemical-free lawn that requires fewer fertilization steps and less water after the first two to three seasons. This program is also ideally suited to shade-challenged lawns where optimum soil health is essential to a beautiful lawn.

We offer organic solutions for managing pests on your shrubs, flowers and vegetables, including specialized rose and boxwood care. 

If you are interested in helping our local pollinators, we would be glad to design eco-friendly perennial beds and advise you on native trees and shrubs.

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